Are you a data scientist researching hate speech, or an NGO interested in increased situational awareness? Connect with Hatebase developer Timothy Quinn to discuss maximizing your use of the Hatebase's dataset.

Looking for an easy way to integrate with the Hatebase API? Check out Daniel Dufour's open source Python wrapper or Andrew Welters' open source PHP wrapper.

About Hatebase

Hatebase is a web-based application which provides data through both a web interface and an open API. Core components of the Hatebase application are HateBot, a robot which interacts with external APIs to retrieve potential sightings, and HateBrain, a linguistic parser which automates some of the task of identifying hate speech acquired by HateBot.

Hatebase Architecture

Hatebase was developed in partnership between Mobiocracy and The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention, and remains in active development (roadmap).

Please contact us if you'd like to join the Hatebase team or support our mission. We're primarily looking for application ambassadors and external developers rather than developers to work on the plaform itself: basically people who can spread the word about Hatebase and encourage others to build on top of our data.

About Mobiocracy

Mobiocracy builds software in partnership with progressive, globally-minded organizations. Mobiocracy's guiding mandate is to facilitate international development and promote social justice through the democratization of technology.

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About The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention

Formed in 2008, The Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention is a non-profit organization based in Canada with members in several countries worldwide. The Sentinel Project's mission is to prevent the crime of genocide worldwide through effective early warning and cooperation with victimized peoples to carry out non-violent prevention initiatives.

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