Are you a data scientist researching hate speech, or an NGO interested in increased situational awareness? Connect with Hatebase developer Timothy Quinn to discuss maximizing your use of the Hatebase's dataset.

Looking for an easy way to integrate with the Hatebase API? Check out Daniel Dufour's open source Python wrapper or Andrew Welters' open source PHP wrapper.


Got a technical or usage question? Check the FAQs first, and if you can't find the answer you're looking for, use the form here to send a message.

If your message is about a term you disagree with on Hatebase, please make sure you understand the definition of hate speech as discussed in our FAQs: we've posted a test to help clarify whether a given piece of vocabulary qualifies as hate speech, and have made the criteria deliberately expansive (again, for reasons best explained in the FAQs).

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